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Smart tools to make your video creation easier
Remove background
Image upscaler
AI color correction
Old photo restoration
Photo colorizer
Portrait generator
Resize video
Video upscaler

Remove background

Accurately remove the background of the portrait video and replace it with uploaded image or change the background color.
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Powerful features, easy steps


Speech to text

Automatically recognize different languages and generate high-accuracy captions to boost your editing efficiency.
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Text to speech

Convert any text to natural-sounding speech with one click. 11 voices and 10 languages supported.
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Text to speech

Create together. Work better.

Collaborate with your team. Share ideas, assets, and give feedback instantly and securely.
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One video editor for all.

Boost your business
Whether you’re creating videos for social media ads, marketing, or have other business purposes, we’ve got you covered. Use CapCut online to create or share video content with your team, and work faster than ever.
Meet your professional needs
CapCut desktop supports complex video editing with stable performance and a user-friendly interface. Download the desktop app and start creating your projects.
Create videos on the go
Capture memorable moments and create on the go. Cut, trim, and edit videos with CapCut app to record and celebrate life. Finish editing with ease in just a few minutes and share your work on social media.

Secure your data and privacy with CapCut

Protect your privacy

Encrypted data transmission prevents any privacy leaks.

Safe data storage

Save your data in our Cloud Space for secured data storage.

Smoother access

Faster and smoother access to your files.

Whatever your needs are, CapCut is the app for you.

A simple video editing tool to use wherever you like. You can create videos on your browser, your desktop and laptop, or on your phone.
Open CapCut directly in your browser for streamlined video and image editing. Enjoy magic tools and collaborative features, all without any downloads.
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Download the app on your desktop or laptop to work offline at anytime.
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A mobile app for recording, editing, and sharing videos.
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